PVD Coating Service

Cutting Tool Coating
In as Fast as 24 Hours

Extend the Life of Your Cutting Tools

Extend the useful life of your tooling and reduce manufacturing cost by coating your cutting tools with Superior Tool Service. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coatings can be used on a range of tools to:

  • Improve hardness
  • Provide wear and oxidation resistance
  • Reduce edge buildup
  • Prevent premature cutting edge chipping
  • Increase the amount of time between tool resharpenings/regrindings and replacements

When you choose us for your PVD coating services, you’ll save time, too. Many coating jobs can be done within 24 hours. Your tools will be back on the line where they belong in no time.

PVD Coating Applications

We offer PVD coating for cutting tools including:

  • End mills
  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • Boring tools
  • Countersinks
  • Form tools
  • Punches
  • Grooving tools
  • Bits

Our experts can recommend and apply the best coatings for Composites, Inconel, Stainless Steels, Titanium, Aluminum, Superalloys and more.

If you are working with composite or CFRP, ask about our new Composite Solutions coating created especially for composites.

Available PVD Coatings


TiN was the first PVD coating developed and is still widely used. It’s an economical general purpose coating offering corrosion resistance, heat transmission and wear resistance. TiN coatings are often used in low speed machining.

Color: Gold
Hardness: 2,300HV (Vickers Hardness)
Service Temp: 1112° F


Chip and impact-resistant, TiCN coating works well for interrupted and low-to-medium speed cutting. It offers enhanced wear resistance to difficult materials like cast irons, copper, Inconel and abrasive materials. The carbon adds hardness and surface lubricity.

Color: Grey/Rose Brown
Hardness: 3,100HV (Vickers Hardness)
Service Temp: 850° F


Based on nanolayers of Titanium and Aluminum our AlTiN coating provides a low coefficient of friction and excellent toughness, combined with a high surface hardness. AlTiN is used on drills and milling cutters of steel and carbide for general applications and for high-speed machining of ferrous materials with hardness up to 55-56 HrC.

Color: Grey
Thickness Range: 1 - 4 microns
Hardness: 3200HV (Vickers Hardness)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1470° F
Lubricity: 0.5 coefficient of friction

AICrN +4

Our AICrN coating has a high aluminum content with the added benefits of CrN which has demonstrated to: possess excellent wear resistance properties This coating excels in dry machining applications, milling, drilling and especially in hard material machining at moderate or better speeds. Teamed with good wear resistance and increased heat resistance.

Color: Anthracite
Thickness Range: 1 - 4 microns
Hardness: 3400HV (Vickers Hardness)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1830° F
Lubricity: 0.3 coefficient of friction


From the AlCrN family and its benefits, AuRoRa has added impact resistance and durability for the interrupted cut environment. AuRoRa works very well in the following areas, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Tapping and Gear Cutting in Stainless Steels and Super Alloys.

Color: Grey
Thickness Range: 1 - 4 microns
Hardness: 3400HV (Vickers Hardness)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1830° F
Lubricity: 0.3 coefficient of friction

AITiSiN (Hardmill)

Our latest coating STS-HARDMILL AITiSiN is a nanocomposite PVD coating. Designed for hard, dry and high-speed machining environments. HARDMILL exhibits extremely high resistance against oxidation and abrasion with a combination of high thermal hardness.

STS-HARDMILL is the result of a special structural composition deposited in our high-performance PVD coating system. STS-HARDMILL properties yield significant advantages for the high heat demands placed on your cutting tools today.

Color: Dark Bronze
Thickness Range: 1 - 4 microns
Hardness: 3500 HVO, 025
Maximun Operating Temperature: 1200° F
Lubricity: 0.5 coefficient of friction

ZRN (MircaI ALU)

Our most biocompatible of the ceramic hard nitrides, zirconium nitride is tougher, harder, and more corrosion resistant than titanium nitride. It is used extensively in cutting applications where other coatings have failed. ZrN has a light gold appearance, is abrasion resistance, and improves performance over uncoated carbide in a wide variety of non-ferrous materials. ZrN is a less expensive alternative to diamond.

Color: Light Gold
Thickness Range: 1 - 3 microns
Hardness: 2600 HV (Vickers Hardness)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 600º C (1100º F)
Lubricity: 0.35 coefficient of friction


Our best offering for machining steels in demanding conditions. Designed for Steels TeTON excels in Turning, Milling, Drilling and Tapping. TeToN has also performed very well in Drilling and Milling of Stainless Steel.

Color: Metal Bronze
Thickness Range: 1 - 4 microns
Hardness: 2800HV (Vickers Hardness)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1650
Lubricity: 0.4 coefficient of friction