Resharpen / Recycle

Reduce New Cutting Tool Cost
By Up to 85%

Reduce your Cost

You can reduce your new cutting tool cost up to 85% by having us sharpen your dull cutting tools. The average tool can be resharpened 5-10 times.

We offer re-sharpening of the following tools

Drills – Center, Step, Dagger, Acrylic Tip, Spot and Composite Tip

Endmills – All types

Keyway Cutters, T-Slots, Back Spot Facers, Spot Facers, Reamers, Tapered Drill Reamers, Thread Chasers, Hobbs Cutters, Groove Tools, Corner Round, Radius Cutters, Wheel Cutters, Shell Mills, Dovetail Cutters and Routers

Unlike factory-bought tools, we can custom grind your tools with clearance to fit your specific type of material, giving you longer life and higher productivity at a substantial savings over new tool cost.

Our ANCA CNC Tool & Cutter grinding machines can assure you of concentric resharpened tools.

Close tolerance work is no problem.

Coat your Tools

We can have your resharpened tools coated for longer life. You can choose from TiN, TiCN, TiAIN, ZrN, CrN, AITiN, DLC or Diamond. If you are working with composite or CFRP, ask about our new “Composite Solutions” coating created just for composites.