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Superior Tool Service, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Industrial Manufacturer in Wichita, KS

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Patriot IV Carbide End Mill
Carbide End Mills.  Our carbide end mills are designed with a variable helix and variable spiral for chatter free milling. This helps to dampen out harmonics, letting you excel in difficult to machine materials and applications. We offer with a square corner, ball radius or a radius/chamfer of your choosing with only a short lead time. Available uncoated or coated with TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, AlCrN, AlTiN, DLC or Diamond.
Tools For Composite Tools For Composite.  Our extensive background in manufacturing carbide tools for composite has lead to our Superior Tools for drilling, reaming, profiling and chamfering. We offer tools for both hand and CNC applications. Our drills & countersinks also come with an optional 1/4-28 threaded shank for use in micro-stop cages. They are available uncoated or coated with TiAlN, AlCrN, DLC and Diamond being excellent choices.
Custom Tools Custom Tools.  Our large selection of round hi-speed steel and carbide stock allow for quick turnaround on small batch jobs. We are able to manufacture many "multi-step" tools, eliminating one or two operations, saving you time and money. Many of the tools we manufacture can be created with the help of our forms, or send your print to us and we will get you a quote usually the same day.
Resharpen/RecycleResharpen/Recycle Your Used Cutting Tools. You can reduce your new cutting tool cost up to 85% by having us sharpen your dull cutting tools. The average tool can be resharpened 5-10 times.  We can evaluate your dull cutters and give you an estimate before we start your work, so you will know how much you will be saving by resharpening your tools vs purchasing new tools.
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