Superior tool service Launches Two New Divisions: STS Coatings & STS Supply

Superior Tool Service (STS) announced the launch of two new divisions today: an in-house Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating division, called STS Coatings, and an industrial supply division, called STS Supply.

STS Coatings offers a wide variety of PVD Coating options not offered in the region previously. The new division includes a “Non-Aqueous” cleaning line, like equipment used at NASA, and will include a portfolio of coatings which includes TIN, TICN, ALTIN Nano, ALTIN CR, MpC (Alcron), MpC (AuRoRa), ZRN -Micral ALU and Micral TeToN.

To offer PVD technology, STS invested $2.2 million in equipment and has hired two additional employees. STS expects to hire more later in 2018.

“With the growth we’ve seen over the last five years, we’re excited to be able to invest more,” said Clint Whitney, President/Owner of STS. “By investing in PVD Coating and keeping the total manufacturing process under one roof, STS will significantly reduce downtime for our customers. This new division adds even more long-term advantages for Wichita in precision manufacturing.”

STS Supply features an industrial supply product portfolio which includes millions of products through a network of hundreds of suppliers. STS began providing industrial supply reseller services in 2014. The new division will help reduce and consolidate the number of supplier relationships needed for STS customers, saving time and money.

“Industrial supply has been something we’ve done for a few years now,” said Whitney. “In the last year or two, we’ve seen a need to invest more in order to better serve our customers.”

Clint Whitney and Christie Whitney took over ownership of STS in 2014 with a focus on expanding services.

Since then, the company has seen tremendous growth. In 2016, the company received the Wichita Business Journal’s Manufacturer of the Year award for rapid job growth. Today, the company has 42 employees, has moved into a 33,000 sq. ft. facility and has more plans to invest in the future.

“This is only the start,” says Whitney.

Superior Tool Service Announces Office Relocation, Expansion

Superior Tool Service (STS) today announced it has purchased a new building and will soon move operations. The precision cutting tool supplier will relocate from its current location to 722 E. Zimmerly. The new building more than doubles their current space to 33,000 square feet.

“We’ve completely outgrown our old building,” said Clint Whitney, president of STS. “This space will give us room to expand and add services we wouldn’t be able to offer with our current setup.”

In 2015, STS expanded operations by adding a full-line Industrial Supply division in addition to its custom tool manufacturing and service. The company now serves over 400 machine shops worldwide. The new facility’s layout will also make pickup and delivery more efficient.

“By being able to manufacture precision cutting tools, as well as provide all the quality name brands they’re familiar with, we can give customers the best of both worlds,” said Whitney. “This new building will allow us to keep that momentum going, providing better service for all of our clients.”

Solid Carbide Countersinks

STS is proud to be the first to have designed and manufactured brand new solid carbide countersinks with either a tapered drill reamer integrated pilot or solid integrated pilot for one step drilling and countersinking. They come with either a straight shank or 1/4-28 thread shank for use in your micro-stop cages.  This is the only tool of its kind in existence. We make them from solid carbide so they can be coated for longer life.

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