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Superior tool service Quality Brands Reduce Cost and Increase Output

The size of your order will not deter us from offering our elite services. We’re dedicated to providing solutions from a single item to any manufacturing need.


PROTECT Your Assets With Precision Tools

Don’t miss the mark on quality. Let us be your resource for better tool efficiency, reduced scrap rates, improved tool reliability, and tool longevity.

At Superior Tool Service, we know flawless execution and minimal process variation to reduce the opportunity for error. Close tolerance work is no problem.

Reliable and Consistent Supply Solutions. exactly what you need – when you need it!

Don’t miss the mark on quality. Let us be your resource. We have the capability of combining a big catalog product offering of innovative leading brands with local support.

Let us help you improve your operations with our proven track record of success in streamlining our customers supply chain and throughput.

PROTECT Your Assets With Precision pvd coatings

Extend the useful life of your tooling and reduce your manufacturing cost by having us coat your cutting tools. You’ll make a significant impact on your yield.

Our experts provide the best coatings for composites, Inconel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and superalloys for all your tooling needs.

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For over thirty-five years, Superior Tool Service has served more than a thousand machine shops locally and worldwide. We love to make more reliable tools with consistent precision.

When you’re ready to increase consistency and quality or improve surface finishes, we’ll help you reduce costs and boost your throughput and capacity.

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