Superior Tool Service Announces Office Relocation, Expansion

Superior Tool Service (STS) today announced it has purchased a new building and will soon move operations. The precision cutting tool supplier will relocate from its current location to 722 E. Zimmerly. The new building more than doubles their current space to 33,000 square feet.

“We’ve completely outgrown our old building,” said Clint Whitney, president of STS. “This space will give us room to expand and add services we wouldn’t be able to offer with our current setup.”

In 2015, STS expanded operations by adding a full-line Industrial Supply division in addition to its custom tool manufacturing and service. The company now serves over 400 machine shops worldwide. The new facility’s layout will also make pickup and delivery more efficient.

“By being able to manufacture precision cutting tools, as well as provide all the quality name brands they’re familiar with, we can give customers the best of both worlds,” said Whitney. “This new building will allow us to keep that momentum going, providing better service for all of our clients.”